Cooking up a career: Seen at 5pm Tuesday

March 10, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
Talk about a real-life experience: Culinary students in Westchester County are putting their cooking to the test. The students run their own restaurant. Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg is here with the details.

Chelsea Geyer is a senior at Mahopac High School, but when she's not in class she's cooking at the BOCES Tech Center. Here students train in industries they're interested in.

"I enjoy it," Chelsea says, "because the pressure.. i like it, it drives me."

The group is interested in all things culinary, so they learn to wait tables, hosting, cooking and baking. And now, their skills are being put to the test as their classroom is transformed into a full working restaurant, "The Educated Palate."

There's a lot of pressure, but they are prepared. From setting a table to setting a goal, many go from here to the Culinary Institute of America-- the CIA.

That's where Chelsea is going, thanks to all the prep work here.

There are 1,100 hundred students at BOCES, 120 are in the culinary program. There are 34 career and technical education courses available. The BOCES restaurant is open to the public again on Thursday. Russian food is on the menu. Reservations are hard to come by.

You can visit the Putnam/Northern Westcheser BOCES web site at: