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March 13, 2008 2:13:07 PM PDT
It's a surreal experience to go through a life-altering event. I remember, like they were yesterday, the days I buried my parents. And I remember, also distinctly, the day after, as I watched the world go about its business, while I was still in emotional suspended animation.

I suspect the Spitzers must be feeling some of that today.

They are embroiled in a life-altering event -- and the rest of us, the world they were so intently engaged in, are moving on.

Of course it's hard to just "move on" when you read about "Kristen," the young woman --- and by young I mean 22 years old -- who was apparently the last prostitute to be hired by the soon-to-be former Governor. She is, according to The New York Times, a Jersey shore native who ran away from home when she was 17, has abused drugs, been abused as a child, and is now the focus of a far-flung media cluster crunch.

By night, her hame was Kristen, her legal name may be Ashley Alexandra Dupre, but her next name could very well be Miss May. No shocker - Penthouse Magazine is trying to get hold of her. Can't imagine other magazines with a similar focus aren't trying to do the same. Turns out, Kristen/Ashley/Miss May went to Wall Township High School. Said the superintendent, "Ashley was a very nice, average student. She left the [high school] after her sophomore year. This is a sad and tragic situation."

That last line, perhaps the most right-on statement to date of this whole affair.

There is no shortage of people offering quotes about the future Miss May. Says a spokesperson for her "producer" -- oh, yes, she's a singer don't you know, ""She's ok. She's taking care of herself. She's human. She is not reading newspapers or watching television. She's trying to stay focused on herself and her career. She is a singer and songwriter. This may produce some great music."

We can only hope, what with the drought of great music these days.

Meanwhile, up in Albany, David Paterson was a hit. His well-known sense of humor was on display big time, but so was his seriousness. To watch his news conference, you can click HERE for a link to our website,

Paterson has an enormous challenge ahead of him - as daunting a challenge politically as his blindness was physically. (It was amazing to see him, the Governor-to-be, legally blind and talking about disabilities, and about how millions of otherwise productive disabled people are unable to find jobs. )

There will be a honeymoon period, to be sure. But the man who Paterson has gotten along with in the past, the man who he wants to get along with, is a tough cookie. State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno -- who is under a long-running federal investigation for possible corruption -- is sizing up the new Governor. Bruno butted heads and egos with Spitzer - both have aggressive personalities, despite their differences in party and politics. Paterson is to the left of Spitzer, but his conciliatory ways will serve him well with Bruno.

Or maybe not. Be too nice, and the man who's been in power for all these years in Albany, will use Paterson's genteel ways against him. In the struggle for power, the old school theory is by-any-means-necessary. And keeping Republicans in charge of the State Senate is the goal. We'll see.

We'll have the latest on the scandal and the campaign to move the State forward and craft a budget by April 1 and fill a nearly $5 billion shortfall, tonight at 11.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus the AccuWeather forecast and the night's sports. I hope you can join Liz Cho and me, tonight at 11.