Barge and tanker collide near Staten Island

No injuries reported
March 14, 2008 7:58:40 AM PDT
The U.S. Coast Guard is confirming a collision between a 220-ft long dredge barge and a 622-ft tanker in the waters off Stapleton Staten Island. The tanker, the Osprey 1, and a dredge called the Delaware Bay collided near buoy 24 in upper NY bay about a mile off the Staten Island shorefront.

It happened about 9 a.m. The tanker was carrying gravel.

The cause of the accident is not known. No injuries or pollution has been reported. Coast Guard investigators are at the scene along with a Coast Guard response boat that has set up a security zone around the incident.

This is the second time in recent months that there has been a collision between a tanker and a dredge barge in the waters near Staten Island.

On January 24th, the 669-foot ship carrying orange juice - called the Orange Sun - and two dredging vessels collided in the bay just before 2 p.m., leaking an unknown substance in the frigid waters.