Good ol' fashioned LEO

June 20, 2008 10:42:57 AM PDT
In this edition of Neighborhood Eats, we've got a dish that's an old favorite being featured in a new location. The dish, lox, eggs and onions, is typical of a Sunday Jewish brunch, along with bagels, of course. And bagels are the foundation for Zucker's, located at 146 Chambers Street in TriBeCa.

The bagel shop only opened in November, but it's filled with the flavors and traditions that initially took hold not far away on the Lower East Side a century ago. Owner Matthew Pomerantz thought TriBeCa could use a place like Zucker's.

It is a business built primarily on smoked fish and bagels. The bagels are hand-rolled, which Matt believe makes all the difference in taste and density.

There are lots of flavors, and even a pizza bagel on the menu for the kids.

The Leo, however, may be more suitable for adult tastes. It is a mix of lox, eggs and onions.

To start, the onions are sauteed. The final concoction is served alongside or on top of a bagel. It's a Sunday tradition available every day at Zucker's.

Matt also owns Murray's Bagels in Chelsea. He got into the business after a career on Wall Street and has been enjoying the experience ever since.

And his customers are glad he's offering his favorite foods in their neighborhood.

THE CLASSIC "LEO" (lox, eggs and onions)


  • Butter
  • 2 - 3 Eggs
  • 1/4 cup of white onion, diced
  • 2 ounces of Eastern Nova Scotia Salmon or Belly Lox (salty). Thickly sliced and further cut into smaller pieces (approximately 1/2-inch squares)


  • Heat the butter and saute the onions until they begin to turn golden brown
  • Add Nova or Lox to onions and cook together for about minute
  • Add eggs to Nova (or Lox) and onions without stirring for a moment allowing the eggs to set
  • Quickly scramble (if you desire) or serve omelet style

    Serving the LEO moist or dry is personal taste - Zucker's prefers it slightly well done.

    Serve on a hand-rolled Zucker's bagel (preferably untoasted and fresh out of the oven) or alone.

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