71-year-old fights back against robbers

March 18, 2008 3:34:42 PM PDT
A man and his teenage son were the subjects of a robbery in Cliffside Park, New Jersey early Monday. But the 71-year-old resident of St. Paul's Avenue had no intention of becoming a victim. Police say three men snuck up on Musa Abdelhady and his 16-year-old son after they parked their car in their driveway just after 12:10 a.m.

Abdelhady says the three men surrounded them, one pointing a black handgun and another demanding money.

But instead of handing over his wallet, Abdelhady went for a stick. He apparently got a large stick out of the car and started yelling at the men, causing them to run away.

His son hurled the stick at the three men as they hoofed it back to the getaway car and sped off.

"I wouldn't recommend that you grab a stick and try to fight off someone who has a gun," police Captain Anthony Frato told the Bergen County Record. "Any time a person has a weapon like that, I'm not saying a person should just lay down for them, but they got to be careful."

Abdelhady said his burst of bravery surprised him, adding that he's the one who tells buddies not to fight if their being robbed.

"Give it to them," he said. "You can make it back another day."

Police want the perpatrators off the street, believing they might be watching and targeting people who they think could be carrying a lot of money.

Anyone with information on either incident is asked to call the Cliffside Park Police Department at 201-945-3600.