No heat in beauty salon

Seven On Your Side
March 26, 2008 10:52:01 AM PDT
A Manhattan beauty salon owner was shivering. For months she says her radiators had been cold and calls to the building owner were getting her nowhere. That's when she called in Tappy Phillips and Seven on her Side to turn up the heat on the landlord. Tanya Harper says she encounters cold air every morning when she walks in her salon.

The thermometer reads 55 degrees and Tanya says this has been going on since the fall.

"Late October, I was like, you know the winter has been mild a little bit in the beginning, so I figured, maybe there wasn't heat on because of that. And then it started getting cold and we were freezing and clients were complaing," said Harper.

Tanya put her life savings into the salon and moved in last May. She signed a lease with the landlord, which says the landlord would provide heat, but on the morning Eyewitness News arrived, the radiators were cold. Tanya was firing up space heaters and she said efforts to get the landlord to turn on the boiler have gotten her nowhere.

That's when Tappy Phillips paid a visit to the building owner.

We went upstairs where the landlord's apartment was 68 degrees. She told us the heat is supposed to come from a heating and ventilation system that tanya doesn't use, not the radiators.

"She understood and used the HVAC and she signed the lease," said the landlord. "HVAC means heating, ventilation and air condition. The air conditioning is in one system. The heating is fromhHot water through radiators?" asked Phillips.

"No, there's no hot water in the radiators...This building has no hot water supply," the landlord adds.

That was odd, because that same morning, there was hot water and and heat coming out of the radiators.

Tanya said it was intermittant, but at least for a while, there was heat.

"My landlord must have saw you all coming and has turned on the heat for the first time for the winter. Thank you so much." added Harper.