New Rochelle sergeant charged with rape

Enters not guilty plea
March 19, 2008 4:27:57 PM PDT
A Westchester County police sergeant has been arrested and accused of raping a 17-year-old girl. Sgt. David Rodriguez was arraigned Wednesday in New Rochelle City Court on a first-degree rape charge. He pleaded not guilty.

Rodriguez is married to Darlene Rodriguez, an anchor at WNBC-TV. She walked into court with her husband and was in tears outside the courtroom.

"I'm here to support my husband. I believe in him. I love him. He's innocent 100 percent," Darlene Rodriguez said at a news conference outside court.

Earlier, she was seen in tears outside the courtroom.

New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll said last month that the teen had alleged that after four officers arrested her live-in boyfriend on a domestic violence charge, one of them returned and attacked her.

She reported the alleged incident when she went to the district attorney's office and tried to get charges against her boyfriend dismissed.

Rodriguez's lawyer, Stephen Worth, said outside court Wednesday that the investigation had been conducted "in a rather slip shod fashion."

"This is a false allegation," he said. "The complainant has a number of motives to make a false allegation," he said.

Rodriguez was suspended without pay on Wednesday.

Carroll has said the sergeant "has a sterling record."