Demands for father's arrest in LI case

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March 21, 2008 3:23:01 PM PDT
There are demands for the arrest of Daniel Cicciaro, the father whose son was killed outside the home of John White on Long Island. After White's sentencing, Cicciaro was enraged, saying the sentence was too lenient. Some say his statements were threatening and that he should pay a price.

Long Island reporter Emily Smith has today's story from Miller Place.

John white is out on bail for the appeals process and now his family spent the day filling out paperwork to have Daniel Cicciaro arrested for aggravated harassment in what they call a promise to kill their son as payback.

Free from the jail cell he slept in the night before last, John white stood firmly but quietly with his son and wife at his side outside the Suffolk County Police Department. Their attorney and supporters from the group "100 Blacks in Law Enforcement" spoke for them today.

"Mr. Daniel Cicciaro Senior said, 'When Aaron White gets shot lets see what will happen!" said minister Kevin Muhammad.

That was Wednesday, after sentencing. Today a much calmer Daniel Cicciaro says police can come and arrest him for speaking out in anger over his son's death but he promises he didn't mean to physically hurt anyone.

"I can't reiterate enough," Cicciaro said Friday, "Aaron White is in no danger from me or anyone in my family or anyone I know."

The racially-charged case began two years ago when Aaron White woke his dad John to say Daniel Cicciaro Junior and a gang of friends were heading to their home to fight him. John White admits to taking a gun and shooting Cicciaro Junior in the face, killing him. But he says he did it out of fear it was a lynch mob attack.

After being getting a lenient sentence Wednesday of two to four years for manslaughter, he walked out of jail last night on bail as part of the appeals process.

"Theres been a constant set of threats on me since this whole thing started," White said Thursday night. "...always been a constant threat."

But the Whites say no threat has affected them like the one they feel was pinned on their son Aaron Tuesday, calling it Cicciaro's promise to kill their son as payback.

Police confirm John White's son Aaron has filled out an official written complaint for aggravated harassment. They say they're taking this very seriously but won't say if or when Cicciaro will be arrested.