Rally held to support slain officer

Christopher Ridley was shot by other officers
March 19, 2008 4:30:53 PM PDT
A highly emotional rally was held in White Plains Wednesday to question a grand jury's decision that cleared four police officers in a deadly friendly-fire case.The victim, off-duty Mount Vernon police officer Christopher Ridley, was shot and killed while trying to arrest a suspect.

His family is now demanding a federal investigation.

Eyewitness News reporter Phil Lipof has the story.

About 150 to 200 people gathered outside 85 Court Street in White Plains, where Officer Ridley was shot and killed by four Westchester County police officers on January 25.

The protest began at 4:55 p.m. with a moment of silence to mark the exact time Ridley was killed. There were chants of, "No justice, no peace," and calls for an investigation into the investigation.

The 23-year-old Ridley was off-duty and out of uniform when he saw an assault take place. He tried to stop the incident and ended up getting in a fight with the homeless who was doing the assaulting. His gun was taken from him and fired.

He got his gun back, but by that time, four officers had arrived on the scene. They told him to put his gun down. He did not, and they opened fire. They shot 10 times, hitting Ridley six times. A grand jury decided not to indict the cops, that they did nothing criminal.

Ridley's family is now calling for the attorney general and the Justice Department to get involved.

The rally lasted about 30 minutes. There were members of the Nation of Islam, officers and clergy present.

Ridley was posthumously promoted to the rank of detective.