Fire marshal's wife indicted in his murder

Douglas Mercereau shot to death in home
December 6, 2007 9:00:00 PM PST
Eyewitness News has learned that Janet Redmond-Mercereau has been indicted in connection with December 2 murder of her fire marshal husband, Douglas Mercereau.The widow of a murdered fire marshal will be arraigned Friday morning on Staten Island.

Janet Redmond-Mercereau surrendered to police during the night-- just hours after she was indicted by a grand jury.

Attorney Mario Gallucci says his client turned herself into police Thursday night. He says he picked up Redmond-Mercereau and she surrendered to the 122nd Precinct satellite office.

Eyewitness News reporter Jamie Roth has more.

His sister Betsy Gallo issued this statement Thursday night on behalf of his siblings:

"The Mercereau family is relieved that an indictment has been made in the murder of our brother Doug. We have patiently waited while the NYPD accumulated their evidence and completed their tests. In our hearts, we hope that a fair and just verdict is delivered swiftly, though we know that this, too, requires patience. When all is said and done, our brother Doug is still gone, and his girls still do not have their father. While justice is important to us, the welfare and upbringing of Doug's girls is our paramount concern now and for the years ahead, for they are his true legacy."

Janet Redmond-Mercereau could have turned herself in to the police waiting in vain outside her front door.

But neighbors in Oakwood say the widow, this week, just seemed to vanish.

"The last time I saw her was on Monday," said a woman. "We haven't seen her since."

Sources confirm to Eyewitness News that Redmond-Mercereau's Indictment for murdering her husband will be unsealed Friday morning, at state supreme court in Saint George.

Douglas Mercereau died last December second, shot in the head, three times, while he slept.

His wife told investigators she heard nothing. She was wearing earplugs, asleep in the next room with her sick children.

Since the murder, her eldest daughter reportedly has said her mother was not sleeping with them and had told her to lie about it to police.

Investigators believe Mrs. Redmond-Mercereau pulled the trigger, cleaned up the scene, showered several times and then washed her clothes before calling 911, two and half hours later.

Redmond-Mercereau continues to proclaim her innocence in the murder, Gallucci said, and he adds that she looks forward to defending herself against the charges so that she can clear her name.

Douglas Mercereau's two daughters, ages five and six, were placed with a neighbor by the city -- after the murder.

Just last month, Mrs. Redmond-Mercereau lost her legal fight to regain custody. Several members of Mr. Mercereau's family have filed petitions for custody of the two girls.