Getting girl scouts a dude ranch refund

Seven On Your Side
March 26, 2008 10:51:40 AM PDT
It's prime season if you're in the market for girl scout cookies.One troop on Long Island sold thousands of boxes, all to raise money for a mother-daughter retreat. But when the ranch closed their doors and took off with the money, it was time for Seven On Your Side's Tappy Phillips to saddle up to the rescue.

Troop 1065 has spent the past year mixing their way to thousands in bake and cookie sales. It's was all to afford their yearly mother-daughter retreat to a dude ranch in the Catskills called Roseland.

"It takes a lot of cookies to come up with $1,800," said Cindy Velez, of Troop 1065.

That's the amount the girl scouts gave to Roseland as a deposit. But then things changed.

Velez: "I get a phone call in January saying that they can no longer honor our reservation."
Tappy: "Why not?"
Velez: "There was really no answer to that."

"I was mad, because I really wanted to go," 11-year-old Rachel Keavenui said. "I was upset it was canceled."

Roseland offered either a refund or a week at another ranch. But the scouts weren't able to make the open dates. So how about the refund?

"I called them up," Velez said. "'We need two more weeks.' Two weeks go by, we didn't get it. They said, 'By the end of the month, you will get it.' End of the month comes and goes. I gotta call them back, and now they don't answer the phone."

This isn't the first time this dude ranch has been a dud.

Last summer, Seven On Your Side helped a New Jersey troop get $10,000 back after they were promised a refund by Roseland.

This group of scouts was in the same boat.

"Someone suggested that I contact Seven On Your Side, and I am glad I did," Velez said.

We found Roseland sold out to developers, who we contacted. They apologized to the girls, and the next day, the payment was mailed in full.

"Thank you very much for your help," Velez said.

And the girls were grateful, too.

"Thank you, Seven On Your Side!" they said in unison.