Long Beach bans firefighter calendar

Calendar features scantily clad female models
March 24, 2008 4:25:48 PM PDT
Sexy photos inside a Long Island calendar show scantily-clad models posing with fire department equipment.And that's what has some firefighters on Long Island in hot water. The local fire department has been ordered to stop selling it.

Eyewitness News reporter Emily Smith has the story from Long Beach.

The city manager says the fire chief is the one who accepts full responsibility for this. Volunteer firefighters hired a production company to provide a dozen girls for a 12-page calendar they hoped would draw attention for a good cause. Not so much.

It's a calendar with steamy photos of women stepping into the role of Long Beach firefighters. But its photos have given the volunteer firefighters a bad name.

In fact, many folks say the pictures are rude, raunchy, racy and risque. And those are just the words we can say on TV.

City manager Charles Theofan says, by all accounts, the 2008 calendar was meant as a harmless fundraiser for the volunteer fire department. But when he actually saw it for himself last week, he banned the sale of it.

"It's something that should not have the city of Long Beach's name attached to it," Theofan said.

Officials say the 2008 calendar had been selling for almost a year. Theofan says the department made enough money to break even just before he put a stop to it.

Fire officials did not want to comment.