Spring cleaning your home and closet

March 25, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
It's almost time to ditch the sweaters and break out lighter clothing.Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg has more on how to make spring cleaning your closets and home easier.

As the weather gets warmer, you might be inspired to put away the winter wear and bring out the warm weather clothes. And to motivate you, we have some expert advice, as well as your own personal butler of sorts.

If your coat closet looks like Marlene Windmiller's, the Box Butler may be the one to call. Scott Sinclair is the founder.

So with Box Butler, you never have to go to the storage facility. Instead, a Butler comes to you and will help you fill custom-made boxes with toys, clothes and hanging items.

They take inventory, lock the boxes and cart them away.

"We store them at our warehouse in New Jersey," Sinclair said. "And when you want them back, we deliver them back to you within four to 24 hours"

"Given how busy I am in my life, this is tremendously convenient," Windmiller said.

For more on The Box Butler, call 888-881-0810 or click here.

Melanie Charlton Fascitelli realizes spring cleaning can overwhelm. Her new book, "Shop Your Closet," offers organizing tips.

"As Americans, we're major consumers, but we're also major pack rats," she said.

For sweaters, she recommends using a lavender aroma fold. That will help keep their shape. Pop them in a breathable bag to prevent moisture buildup and slide them right under the bed until next winter.

Fur coats also need to be able to breathe, a furrier or dry cleaner can offer climate controlled storage.

For other coats, do not use wire hangers. Hang them well and they'll wear well next winter.

"[Use a hanger that] allows the coat to keep its shape, keep its shape in the shoulder of the coat, and also, it's really sturdy," she said.

Toss out the gloves that have lost their mate and store the pairs, along with hats and scarves, in containers.

"I'm going to put these overhead at the top of my closet and get them out of the way to make more room for things that I'll keep there during the spring," she said.

"Shop Your Closet" goes on sale in April. Fascitelli also has a closet organizing company, called Clos-ette.

For details on the service, as well as a sneak peak at her book, click here.

As for The Box Butler, storage starts at $10 a month, while the delivery service is $18 and up.