Police: 2-year-old child shot by her dad

Investigators are trying to find out how this all happened
April 1, 2008 5:07:11 PM PDT
A toddler in Brooklyn was shot and wounded overnight. Police say the 2-year-old girl was in her apartment when gunfire broke out."'Who did this to your arm?'" relatives said they asked 2-year-old Serenity Balinger at the hospital. "She said, 'My daddy.'"

Police spent the day investigating the scene in front of 394 Chester Street.

The girl's maternity grandmother says the shooting was probably all an accident. Apparently, Serenity's father was playing with the gun, dropped it, and that's when it went off, striking the child. The child's grandmother is furious.

Police say the toddler was shot once in the shoudler by a bullet just after midnight. This is what the grandmother Phyllis Bell was told about the shooting:

"My son came and told me the baby was shot," she said. "So I didn't know what happened after that. I went to Brookville and then her mother told me that she was in the room with the father, and when she came out of there she was bleeding."

Officers from the 73rd Precinct arrived to the apartment, and paramedics took Serenity to the hospital. She is listed in stable but serious condition.

Police say the father has vanished.

No arrests have been made.