Search for a burglar in Pelham Manor

Three burglaries linked to same person
April 2, 2008 3:11:11 PM PDT
The search for a suspect behind at least three burglaries in Pelham Manor. Police say he's struck at least three times in five days.The latest wone was at a Haggen Daz on Wolfs Lane, where he stole a camera and hundreds of dollars. The robberies haven't been very sophisticated, just simple smash and grab jobs in the middle of the night. Police in Pelham believe the person in this fuzzy image (above) is responsible for at least three break-ins over the last couple of weeks, all with the same m.o.

The first robbery took place at a gas station in late March. The suspect damaged the electrical panel to disable the alarm, then kicked the door in to the office. Security cameras outside captured the suspect's image but not his face. The manager says the man didn't get away with much.

Early monday the suspect broke into a ballet studio on fifth avenue. Again his image was captured by the store's security camera, and by another one across the street and again little was taken.

And yesterday the suspect struck again, at an ice cream store on Wolf's Lane. The burglar took the entire register with about $500 inside. Some merchants in the upscale community say they're taking extra precautions such as leaving additional lights on overnight and less money in the register.