Fierce gun battle on streets of Irvington

Driver of one car shot six times; police looking for other driver
April 4, 2008 5:00:10 PM PDT
It was another wild night in Irvington, New Jersey. Police say one man was critically wounded during a gun battle involving two cars overnight. It happened near the scene of a deadly shooting that took place 24 hours earlier.

Eyewitness News reporter Jamie Roth has more from Irvington.

The two cars were driving next to each other, shooting at one another. This happened for almost five blocks, police say, right on Lyons Avenue.

It ended with the driver of one car getting shot six times. He is in critical condition. He had a female passenger with him who is listed in critical condition.

Police are still trying find the shooter from the other car.

Meanwhile, authorities in Irvington say incidents like this are why they need to refocus their plan of attack when it comes to fighting crime.

The Essex County Prosecutor is putting together a new unit to combat the gang, drug and gun violence. The new unit is called "Viper."

Eighteen detectives will staff the Viper unit, and shifts will be around the clock.

The plan is to combine the gang and narcotics squads and add a four-person intelligence team through surveillance and wiretaps to make sure all agencies in the area share information on local gang membership and activities.

These groups will zero in on areas like Irvington, where shootings and violent crimes are up.