Truck gets stuck on FDR

Trucks are not supposed to drive on the highway
April 8, 2008 4:55:13 PM PDT
The southbound FDR Drive was closed on the Upper East Side after a tractor-trailer became wedged under an overpass. Just about everyone who drives in New York City knows the rule, trucks are not allowed on the FDR drive.

But out-of-town tuckers don't always get the message, which is what happened Tuesday when the tractor-trailer got stuck under an overpass and backed up traffic.

When drivers get on the FDR at 96th Street, the signs say passenger cars only, no trucks, and cones hanging from this post showing the clearance height are all clues only passenger cars are welcome.

But the driver of the truck says he didn't see the signs where he hopped on the FDR.

From Newscopter Seven, the tractor trailer looks like a ripped open sardine can with metal twisted back five feet, jamming the truck under the overpass.

Ahmed Dobiee says he didn't know he wasn't supposed to be driving there.

"As soon as I heard squash, I stopped," Dobiee told Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid.

There is a clearance sign that reads clearance is 11'8". Ahmed's clearance is 13' 2".

"There was no sign inside the tunnel and no reflectors or anything to tell me this is low clearance," he said.

Ahmed says he was about to drop off furniture on the east side. His commercial vehicle GPS directed him onto the FDR.

"I did what I could," he said. "I called 911. The company told me to go that way. I did my best."

Other drivers were upset as well.

"They need to post these signs up a lot of times saying no trucks, because I see this a lot lately," area resident Brenda Hairston said. "Just like you have a sign up above, but no trucks allowed. Just to help eliminate it. I'm from Westchester County, and we go through this all the time."