Teens arrested for bomb selling scheme

April 10, 2008 5:05:49 PM PDT
Two 13-year-old students at a Brooklyn junior high school have been arrested, accused of trying to sell a recipe for $5 for a homemade chemical bomb that they found on the internet. Police say the honor students at Mark Twain Junior High School 239 for the Gifted and Talented were charged with conspiracy and released into the custody of their parents.

According to reports, the students - one a native of the Philippines, the other of Poland - saw a video on YouTube that explained how to mix two common household ingredients to set off a chemical reaction. The Internet demonstration showed how the chemicals eventually create enough pressure to explode in a cloud of smoke.

Police say the boys were talking about the bomb video at school with a friend, who urged them to tell them how he could see it himself. But they say the boys decided they'd rather sell him the recipe for the explosive.

They reportedly passed a note in class saying it would cost $5 for one of the ingredients. A teacher reportedly intercepted the note and called police.

Parents tell Eyewitness News they're surprised, but happy that a teacher recognized the situation.

"It's a horrible thing," parent Joe Delisi said. "It's amazing what they were able to do without their parents being aware of, especially at that age. This is just awful."

"I'm shocked, I'm very shocked," parent Bob Wilkinsin said.

Police say the kids were crying when questioned by authorities. They reportedly wrote a letter of regret.

They admitted seeing the chemical reaction on YouTube, but said they didn't have any of the ingredients or the explosive, officials say.

School officials say the boys will be disciplined, but did not give specifics on that.

Mark Twain Junior High School is considered an elite middle school, where students must pass an exam or audition to get in.