Local children's choir to sing for Pope

April 11, 2008 2:47:43 PM PDT
Excited members of a local choir are hard at work practicing for Pope Benedict the XVI.They will perform for the pope when he visits Saint Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers next week.

Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid has more.

The Cathedral of Saint Patrick's young singers are hard at work.

Choir instructor Daniel Brondel is guiding the group - fine tuning every note, every expression, and every word.

"The first time we told them they were singing for the pope, they didn't really realize what that meant," Brondel said. "But these kids are very bright, and they figured it out really quickly. They got very excited."

"I couldn't believe it," singer Mary Tasson said. "It's so amazing."

Daniel formed the choir nearly three years ago.

The kids perform once a month at Saint Patrick's Cathedral and are constantly making the rounds.

They practice several times a week for several hours.

And with the pope's visit drawing closer, those rehearsals are even more intense. Sopranos practice with video of instructor.

"I would say mostly excited, I think the nervousness hasn't hit yet," Brondel said. "It probably will, the day off."

"I'm kind of nervous, too," singer Angie Thompson said. "You'd be kind of nervous, too, if you were singing for one of the leaders of the world."

They'll sing, while special needs children do sign language.

While hundred of thousands of people watch the pope on their TVs, these kids will be just feet away from him.

"I'm really excited because it's an honor and because not every kid can say I sung for the pope!" Angie Thompson said. "I'm lucky because I get to see the pope."

The boys and girls are tackling complicated music.

It is music they are breaking down, piece by piece, to perfect for the most important performance of their lives.