Travel insurance ideas for canceled flights

Hundreds of flights canceled over last week.
April 10, 2008 2:43:48 PM PDT
Is there anything you can do to protect yourself from canceled flights?An estimated 250,000 travelers have been stranded this week alone.

Eyewitness News' Kemberly Richardson took a look at travel insurance and if it's worth your money.

Despite the current shaky state of things with the airline industry, there's something many travelers say they wish they had purchased but never thought they'd use. Travel insurance.

Some experts say insurance can be just what you need to get to your final destination but there are lots of do's and don'ts.

"Never, never books insurance through the company you are traveling with. If the tour operator goes belly up or the cruise goes belly up and you bought insurance with them, you've lost the insurance too," said Pauline Frommer with Pauline Frommer Guides.

Frommer says instead, buy insurance from a third party.

You can find them on the web at . Put in a few details and get instant quotes.For $138 a premier plan deals with trip cancellation, and something, which for many American Airlines passengers could be a golden ticket, 24 hour assistance. Someone to help you at the airport to rebook that canceled flight.

The price of your ticket may also dictate whether you buy insurance.

Travel plans down the road? Make sure you have a policy which covers default. With a growing number of airlines going bankrupt, recently Aloha and ATA, buying insurance directly from your travel agent is also a good idea but remember to read the fine print and watch the price quotes.

To find out terms and conditions and exclusions of different travel insurance policies, Click Here.