Baby bottle concerns

Seven On Your Side
April 21, 2008 2:56:11 PM PDT
There are new concerns tonight about some baby bottles.A popular retailer is now in the process of getting rid of the bottles and other products that have a potentially harmful chemical.

We're talking about baby bottles made of a clear plastic containing a chemical called Bispenol A or BPA. Now there's much debate about whether or not there is a health risk. What's clear is lawmakers and the world's largest baby product retailer are taking steps to get these bottles off the shelves.

At the bottle aisle at Babies R Us, you'll find plenty of plastic bottles containing BPA, and a lot of confusion.

Everything from avent to playtex all have it BPA. You'll find it also in sippy cups. Even cans of pre-made baby formula are lined with BPA.

Last week Canada's government moved to ban bottles with BPA. Walmart the nation's largest retailer announced it planned to stop selling BPA products by early next year.

Babies R US has been selling BPA free products since the beginning of this year and announced they will phase out all BPA products by the end of this year.

Currently there's no federal regulations banning BPA bottles. but one lawmaker wants to change all that. "What parents need to know is that there is no immediate danger - in the sense that if you use it once there's a problem - it's just over a long period of time," said Sen. Schumer.

Currently the Food and Drug Administration hasn't taken any steps to ban BPA products, but that may be changing. Their experts will be meeting tomorrow to talk about whether they should change their regulations regarding BPA.