Family of murdered officer speaks

April 23, 2008 3:59:46 PM PDT
A heartbroken mother spoke out Wednesday about the murder of her son, a correction officer.Police are still looking for his killer.

A sketch has been released of the suspect who police say killed 41-year-old Kenneth Duncan in his Brooklyn garage while while he was working on his motorcycle with a friend.

His family spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News reporter Joe Torres, who has more on the story.

"He's such a loving boy," the victim's mother, Sheila Duncan-Quinton said. "All I would like to know is why. Why?"

That one unanswered question tonight haunts Duncan-Quinton. Early Tuesday morning, a pair of armed robbers shot and killed her son as he tinkered with his motorcycle inside the family's East Flatbush garage.

"Loved cars, motorbikes," Duncan-Quinton said. "He liked to fix things, always fixing, doing something for somebody."

There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Duncan served 18 years as a city correction officer. His union brothers swarmed the intersection around Duncan's home Wednesday and passed out fliers asking the public to step forward with information about the deadly shooting.

Police released a sketch of the suspect. Cops so far have no arrests and few leads.

Meantime, Duncan's two teenage children shared some precious memories of their father. Eighteen-year-old Christopher is a freshman track star at Alabama State.

"My dad taught me, be patient and do everything correct," he said. "And if it's not correct, do it over."

"He used to always visit us and tell me how guys like certain types of ladies," daughter Ashley-Marie Duncan said. "He always told me I should be a good lady."

"I will miss him," his mother said. "I really will miss him bad, really bad."