Finding cheaper gas

April 21, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
Another day, another record high for prices at the gas pump. AAA says the price of unleaded gas jumped two cents nationally to a record high average of $3.53. In Connecticut, the price even higher, at $3.68. In New York, it's $3.67.

And in New Jersey, the average price is $3.34. But along the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, where prices can only be changed once a week, drivers are rushing to get bigger bargains.

New Jersey reporter Toni Yates has more.

They come from Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania. None of them are seeing gas prices at home as low as what they found on the New Jersey Turnpike Wednesday.

"It's like I hit the lottery," Westchester resident Stephen Marshall said.

These prices are better than those off the Turnpike, where prices for regular are hovering around $3.42. The Turnpike Authority's Joe Orlando says the stretch of highway can be a sweet spot for low fuel prices, when everywhere else, pennies on the gallon seem to creep up everyday. Here, they can only go up once a week.

Unfortunately, that means next week may be another story.

As fuel rates rise, some people say they're changing their driving habits. Some are staying home more, and one couple says they try to use one car and run errands together.

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