Stabbing death in Middletown, NY

Police search for suspects
May 1, 2008 4:17:33 PM PDT
Police in Middletown, New York, are dealing with a murder mystery.The body of a man was found on Wickham Avenue Wednesday night, near the intersection of Wisner Avenue.

Police say the victim was attacked, and now they're hoping a witness will come forward with information.

The 59-year-old victim, Robert Kwiatkowski, is being rememberd as kind and gentle. Kwiatowski was an avid walker and was on his way home from the store where he worked for the last three years.

Police say the father of two was walking down the road when he was attacked and stabbed in the neck.

"He was laying neatly along the side of the sidewalk with what looked like a shopping bag on the sidewalk," neighbor Nancy Imbrogno said.

Friends and family of the victim are still too upset to speak, but police are hoping witnesses will start talking.

Police know the victim stopped at a gas station shortly before the attack.

Police are not sure if Kwiatowski was the victim of a botched robbery attempt, but say it appears he was picked at random. Investigators are urging witnesses to come forward--and they do believe there are witnesses because the crime took place in what may be the busiest intersection in the city of Middletown.