City cracks down on free parking

May 1, 2008 4:56:49 PM PDT
Officials say more than 25,000 New York City employees have lost their free-parking privileges during a crackdown on parking perks. Figures released Wednesday show the number of parking placards issued to law enforcement agencies and some other city departments has plunged from 80,770 to less than 54,900 this year.

The decline exceeds the 20-percent cut Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised in January. Some local drivers have long groused about seeing city workers park in some prime curbside spaces off-limits to other motorists.

The permits allow city employees to park for free around their workplaces and elsewhere while on official business.

Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler says the city isn't banning employees from driving to work - just getting tough on misuse of the placards and freeing up parking for other drivers.