Murcer ready to begin broadcasting again

May 2, 2008 5:55:54 AM PDT
Bobby Murcer is feeling better and ready to begin broadcasting New York Yankees games again.The longtime announcer and former All-Star outfielder was at Yankee Stadium on Thursday and plans to resume his full broadcasting schedule starting Friday night when New York hosts the Seattle Mariners.

"Just get back in the swing of things," he said. "Just ease right on in there."

Murcer, who turns 62 this month, said it's taken him a while to recover from the brain biopsy he had in early March. He had surgery in December 2006, four days after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, but returned to the broadcast booth last season.

"This year has been a little different year. I haven't been as strong this year. That's the reason I didn't make it to opening day," Murcer said. "I had some setbacks after I had my biopsy and I still haven't recovered 100 percent from that."

The biopsy showed no cancer, and Murcer said doctors put him on steroids to help his recovery.

"I probably shouldn't use that word," he said with a laugh. "My last MRI was good, so it looks like we've got it under control. ... I've been a little dizzy. A lot of people say I've been dizzy for a long time."

The popular Murcer said he's excited to start working again - but there's a big difference between pulling for the Yankees back home in Oklahoma as opposed to in the television booth.

"I can't scream at 'em in the booth like I scream at 'em at home on my TV," he said, smiling. "Why did you do that? Why'd you take that pitch? Why'd you throw that pitch?"

Murcer played 17 seasons in the major leagues with the Yankees, San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs from 1965-83. He batted .277 with 252 home runs and 1,043 RBIs.

Since his playing career ended, Murcer has been a beloved broadcaster on Yankees games for 23 seasons, winning several Emmy Awards.

"It's just been absolutely wonderful all the support that has been given me," he said.