Judge faces misconduct for comment

May 5, 2008 5:32:26 PM PDT
A Superior Court judge from New Jersey is facing a misconduct complaint after comments he made to a Hispanic attorney when they were discussing Social Security.Judge James Convery made his controversial statement as attorney Ivette Ramos Alvarez was representing a client in a divorce case who claimed he did not get regular statements from the Social Security Administration.

When Convery asked why he would not receive such statements, Alvarez reported said that she herself had not gotten statements in recent years.

According to a video tape of the incident, Convery asked, "At what point did you become an illegal alien?"

Alvarez responded, "Judge...I am going to...that was a totally inappropriate comment."

Alvarez then left the courtroom during the middle of the hearing. She is president of the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey.

The judge has presided over a number of big cases, including the Michael Strahan divorce trial.