Gov. announces 'I Love NY' makeover

May 6, 2008 1:30:06 PM PDT
Governor David Paterson announced Tuesday a revitalized long-term marketing strategy for the iconic "I LOVE NY" brand campaign. The makeover, led by Empire State Development, will take one of the world's most well-known, signature brands in a new direction that officials predict will help increase New York State tourism from 155 million visitors in 2006 to 200 million by 2020 and boost direct tourism spending to $60 billion annually.

"It's critical that we maintain a strong statewide brand, because tourism is presently a $47 billion revenue generator for the State of New York that supports over 740,000 jobs," Paterson said. "It's been 31 years since the 'I LOVE NY' brand was initially launched, and it is an incredible asset for New York."

The campaign, executed by the award-winning Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, currently employs a multi-faceted media approach incorporating advertisements in key market newspapers, billboards, direct response, magazines, guerilla marketing and viral and digital marketing. It also introduces progressive brand partnerships with industry partners such as JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic, Travelocity and Orbitz, as well as an updated Web site, innovative custom brochures and a distinctive new, non-traditional getaway guide.

The new campaign incorporates elements of both New York City and the state into its creative messaging, with artistic imagery that blends familiar city sights with different facets of the State's landscape.

Among the most eye-catching elements of the campaign are the enhancements to the famous logo itself. Empire State Development and Saatchi have added symbols, such as grass, a butterfly and squirrel in one version to symbolize the State's natural assets, and grapes to symbolize the State's outstanding wineries and culinary offerings in another.

"Our logo is already easily one of the most recognized in the world," Paterson said. "We hope to leverage that recognition by making small distinctive alterations to our logo. By putting our logo in New York's surroundings we will tell a new story about what New York has to offer."

The launch of the new campaign included a national media event held Tuesday in New York City with the governor, as well as street teams deployed at major transit hubs throughout the state offering coffee and specially designed New York-centric crossword puzzles.

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