Toddler found wandering streets

May 9, 2008 3:10:46 PM PDT
A 2-year-old boy is safe and sound Friday after he was found wandering the streets of New Jersey Wednesday afternoon. But what else was discovered inside the home is just as disturbing.

His 9-month-old baby sister was also found left home alone.

A driver first found the toddler wandering the streets of Paterson.

Eyewitness News reporter Nina Pineda has more on the story.

Imagine what you would think. You are driving along, and you see a little guy just cruising by himself in the middle of the road. Those who found him said he was crying and asking for his mommy.

He is warm and cozy now, but 48 hours ago, 2-year-old Emre Yildiz was barefoot, half naked and alone in a four-way intersection.

"He was wearing a diaper and a T-shirt...and he was barefoot," said Entisar Abdeljabbar, who rescued the toddler. "He was alone, walking in the middle of the street."

Abdeljabbar hit the brakes and ran into the street to stop traffic, scooping up the toddler in her arms.

"Everytime we ask him, 'What's your name, where's mommy?' he would cry," Abdeljabbar said.

She and another driver then went door to door, looking for the boy's home. They found it, but then could not believe what they discovered inside.

"There was another baby," Abdeljabbar said. "Another baby in the playpen, sleeping on her stomach...The door was open and the lights were on, TV was on, and the house looked terrible, too."

"We went up to the second-floor apartment after talking to the people, they found a 9-month-old baby in the crib by itself," Paterson police lieutenant Ron Humphrey said. "So we found out through further investigation that the mother and father were at the courthouse."

All alone in an apartment with the door open, asleep in her crib, was a 9-month-old baby girl. Paterson police say they located the children's parents making an appearance in family court. They arrested the mother. The father allegedly didn't know his son and daughter were left home alone.

"He could've been hurt or abducted," Humphrey said. "That's not far-fetched for a pedophile to come around, see a baby out in the street by itself and just pick it up, and we'd be looking for him."

The children are very lucky that the people who found them were simply Good Samaritans. The children are in the care of relatives. New Jersey's Department of Youth and Family Services is investigating.