Six hurt in Bronx bus accident

May 9, 2008 8:28:48 PM PDT
Six people were hurt when a bus scraped an overpass on a Bronx highway Friday night.None of the injuries are considered life-threatening, but the roof of the Greyhound bus was ripped off in the crash.

The incident happened on the Henry Hudson Parkway near 252nd Street. The bus was coming from Massachusetts.

Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid has more.

The damage to the Vermont Greyound bus shows the severity of the impact. Its roof was ripped back, seats soaked and useless windshield wipers still hard at work.

Passengers say the New York City-bound bus barreled into the Bronx overpass around 7:30 p.m. Friday, putting six people in the hospital and stranding 31 drenched passengers on the side of the parkway.

"It's very cold and we have to wait there for awhile," passenger Celenia Gonzalez said. "But thank God we are alive."

Passengers say the Chicago-based driver didn't know the area well and ignored a "Clearance 9-feet-2-inches" sign.

William Tedeschi says as soon as he felt the impact, he hurried to help hurt passengers.

"I put a black shirt and tied her head closed, because you could see the front of her skull a little bit," he said. "Blood was just coming out like crazy."

All those hurt are expected to be OK.

As passengers lugged bags from one bus to the another, many say they're just thankful no one was killed.