Student brings samurai knife to school

May 12, 2008 11:02:57 AM PDT
A boy was arrested for bringing a samurai knife into his elite middle school in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn this morning. Police say the student, age 12 or 13, snuck the highly decorated samurai knife into M.S. 98 at 1401 Emmons Avenue, a gifted and talented middle school. The knife was covered with a sheaf.

The boy reportedlystashed the knife in another student's bookbag, and school officials found it when they searched the other student's bag for an unreleated reason.

Officials say the boy who brought the knife to school was arrested and will be given a superintendent's suspension.

The Bay Academy for Arts & Sciences was founded in 1995 as a way for the district to build on the enormous success of Mark Twain's gifted-and-talented program.