Yoga for veterans

May 11, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
Many war veterans face physical and mental challenges. But getting the help they need can be costly. Now, a new program is being offered to veterans of all wars -- and it's free! Eyewitness News reporter Jeff Pegues shows us how the healing powers of yoga are helping vets to de-stress.

These men and women all have something in common. They're war veterans. Some served in Iraq, others Vietnam. They've come here to bond, and they do it through yoga.

It's a free program for veterans at New York Sports Club in Glendale, Queens, in collaboration with the Queens Vet Center.

Many of these vets are discovering the healing power of yoga on the mind and spirit, like Vlad Iorsh, who served in Iraq.

Roberta Eaton was in the Marines during the Vietnam War. She says yoga classes are helping her to better cope with lifes ups and downs.

It's also helping their bodies.

Teacher Maria Gualtiere says her students give real meaning to their practice.

And in turn, the vets are grateful for the gift of yoga.

These New York Sports Club classes are held twice a week, and spinning classes are also included. The yoga program for vets is expected to expand to other locations. Anyone interested in joining must go through the Queens Vet Center. The phone number is 718-296-2871.

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