Search for robber of many disguises

May 13, 2008 5:39:57 PM PDT
The hunt is on for a bank robber dressed like a rabbi. He allegedly hit two banks in just 20 minutes on Long Island this week.

Police say this isn't the first time the suspect has robbed a bank.

They believe he's responsible for a rash of robberies dating back to 2006.

He's described as the bank robber of 1,000 disguises, wearing everything from an Indiana Jones-style hat to a turban.

Police say the middle-aged robber changes his look as often as he changes his m.o. He has terrorized bank tellers with a phony bomb and a vile of liquid he claims to be nerve gas.

"The m.o. when he started in 2006 was very unique," one police officer said.

Detectives believe the same suspect is responsible for 10 robberies since 2006, including two in New Hyde Park this week.

"Obviously he doesn't want anyone to know exactly who he is," the officer said.

Police say the bank robber is about 50 years old and heavyset.