'Sex and the City' fashions, workouts

<div class="meta image-caption"><div class="origin-logo origin-image none"><span>none</span></div><span class="caption-text">&#40;London, May 12, 2008&#41; _  The &#34;Sex and the City&#34; stars lit up London&#39;s Leicester Square for the world premiere of the cinematic sequel to their New York adventures, delighting fans with glamorous - and sometimes quirky - outfits that helped make the show an international hit. </span></div>
May 12, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
London was host to the world debut of "Sex and the City: The Movie." The four leading ladies attended the movie's premiere there Monday night. They were dressed to the nines, just as their characters always are.

Eyewitness News reporter Laurent Glassberg has more on the fashion and looks we can expect when the movie opens at the end of the month.

Fashion, just like it did in the HOB series, will continue to play a big role in the movie of Sex and the City. And great looks aren't reserved for just the women.

"When we talk about Sex and the City, we like to think of fashion as being the fifth character on the show," Vogue Magazine's Meredith Melling Burke said. "The fifth best friend."

Burke has a point, especially when it comes to the clothes Carrie wore.

"Carrie Bradshaw would wear her lingerie peeking out of her blouse, but somehow, it all all worked for her," she said.

And the June issue of Vogue puts Carrie front and center. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is teamed with Chris Noth, her on-screen love, for a fantasy New York honeymoon photo shoot.

The photos are taken at iconic New York spots. The scenes were perfect for the character Big, and his sophisticated charm. But to get big-screen ready, Noth hit peak performance in Chelsea to work with trainer Joe Dowdell.

"He just wanted him to be fit, to look really good," Dowdell said.

So twice a week, he did classic exercises like chin ups, to work the upper and lower back, and push ups, with his feet raised, to workout the chest.

He did step ups with barbells to help Big's tush look good in his suits.

He also moved a weighted prowler across the floor for a full body workout, in addition to crunches done while balancing on a ball and while holding a 50-pound bag of sand.

Finally, the old-school fan bike helped with interval training for him.

But back to the movie's fashions, expect to see lots of sexy shoes, belts, black and white and big flowers.

And once the movie is over, we can only long for those Sex and the City styles yet again...and hope we get Sex in the City: The Movie, part two.

For more information on the Vogue photo shoot, click here. And to shop fashions inspired by Carrie, click ABC7 New York

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