Dogs causing chaos on SI street?

May 13, 2008 8:29:25 PM PDT
A neighborhood on Staten Island in on edge Tuesday night. And earlier in the day, they were on the run. Residents claim they are being terrorized by three out-of-control dogs, who somehow managed to break out of their fenced-in yard Tuesday morning.

The dogs owner lives in the Grant City section, on Hamden Avenue.

Authorities say two large Rottweilers and a pitbull escaped from the backyard, sending neighbors scrambling.

Police were called as the morning calm of the quiet, tree-lined street was rudely interrupted.

The pets chased some neighbors into their cars and homes.

The dogs led Emergency Service Unit officers on a chase through the neighborhood around 8 a.m.

Other cops, huddled in their squad cars for safety, blocked Hamden between Husson Street and South Railroad Avenue. Passers-by were urged not to walk in the area.

"It's the terror of Hamden Avenue," neighbor Alfred told the Staten Island Advance. "To have dogs like that unattended, it's a bit far out...There's no due consideration."

Officers were eventually able to capture the dogs using oversized poles. They were put back in the yard.

No summonses were issued, according to police. The dog's owner promised the incident would not happen again.

"I got chains and locks to lock the fence, once and for all, so nobody has to deal with this anymore," owner Anthony said. "I apologize to all the neighbors and everything."

Anthony admits to previous outbreaks and even admits the mail carrier won't deliver to his house anymore. But he and his friends insist that his pets aren't monsters.

"They're Rotweillers, their nature is to be defensive," he said. "They're taking care of their property. I can't yell at them for that."

Needless to say, the owner is not the only one on the street that hopes the new locks will keep the dogs penned.