Relaxing trip for the whole family

May 19, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
Looking for a way to get the whole family feeling relaxed? How about a trip to College Point, Queens?That's where there's a massive spa, complete with plunge pools, saunas, restaurants and rest areas. It's modeled after a Korean bathhouse.

Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg has more.

And in Korea, families will often stay overnight at these bathhouses. The one in Queens isn't open for overnight visits, but it is open from 6 a.m. until midnight. It offers plenty of time to chill out and warm up.

"We're in Sauna Valley, where seven of our saunas are located," In Spa's Jennifer Chon said.

And things get pretty hot there. Saunas are extremely popular in Korea, and at In Spa, you get a whole variety of them. The beautiful jade sauna helps blood pressure, and the gold sauna is for stress (yep, it's made with real gold). There's also a frigid sauna, supposedly good for cellulite.

But the most popular is the salt sauna.

"It's basically good for regulating your body, your temperature, you glucose levels, your blood pressure," Chon said.

Before you head into a sauna, you're issued a uniform of shorts and a T-shirt. It's a funny thing to sweat in, but there's no nudity at this spa, except in the locker room.

In Spa is a family-friendly place. Kids don't necessarily go in the saunas, but they can warm up under infrared lights and enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools.

"It's good for kids because there's a lot of pools, and kids can have fun," visitor Michael Proietta said.

And it's fun for adults. John Wahnish travels from Westchester to soak and sweat.

"This is a jasmine hot tub, and it's got a nice scent to it," he said. "It's very relaxing, very soothing."

The pools offer jets or waterfalls to massage your muscles and joints, and you can also opt for a real massage or a meal.

Or you can partake in perhaps the most popular activity - a nap. It's that relaxing.

In Spa charges $30 for unlimited use of the saunas and pools, and it's open year round in all kinds of weather.

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