Principals ordered to cut budgets

May 22, 2008 2:51:35 PM PDT
Tonight concerned New York principals are finding out just how much money they may have to cut from their budgets next year. Some schools could see cuts of as much as six percent.

Principal Virginia Connelly is bracing to find out how much more she has to do with less.

Her budget at PS 123 in the Bronx is shrinking by at least 1.4 percent, or maybe more.

She was expecting part of a $63 million windfall from the state.

That money has been fought for for years on behalf of students just like hers, coming from chronically under-funded schools.

Now the schools Chancellor Joel Klein wants to spread the wealth equally among all schools.

What is principal connelly's reaction? Probably not what you'd expect. She says she will share. "I believe people, the Mayor, and the Chancellor that they have all the children's best interest at heart," said Connelly.

In fact, the cuts range from a painful 1.4 percent cut up to six percent at other typically- better funded schools such as Stuyvesant.

Teachers union president Randi Weingarten doesn't like any part of it, and says the city should not have cut the money it had earmarked for schools. "The budget shortfall is because the city of New York has not put enough money into the schools. They cannot blame the state," she said.

If the state does not allow the Chancellor to use the money set aside for under funded schools, the cuts could be less.