Three-year-old boy rescued

May 25, 2008 4:30:04 PM PDT
Rescuers finally came upon the young boy around 11:30 this morning, ironically, less than a mile from the campground where he first went missing. It's located in Sullivan County in the Monguap Valley.

Eyewitness News reporter Tim Fleischer is live tonight outside the family's home in Forest Hills, Queens.

The joyous reunion, three-year-old Daniel Niktalov is back in the arms of his father.

This little boys' ordeal was being lost in the woods overnight. And yet a bump on his head and bit dehydrated and taken to a hospital in the Catskills just to make sure he was ok.

Rescuers miraculously finding Daniel tucked up under a rock ledge.

"I looked up underneath it and first, I thought it was a bear cub," rescuer Harry Rampe said. "When he looked at me, I thought, thank god he's ok."

Agonizing hours before that begging Saturday afternoon, an all out ground search began after Daniel was reported missing from his family's camp site at the Swinging Bridge campground in rural Sullivan County.

Scores of volunteers joined police and fire fighters was forming search parties and fanning out into the heavy woods looking for Daniel who had wandered away from the campsite.

Rescue boats also began searching the Swinging Bridge reservoir. The search though called off because of darkness last night but resuming early this morning.

Then suddenly, a group of searchers discovered the little boy.

"He smiled," Harry Rampe said. "And he came right to me."

Now apparently very happy to be back with his family, Daniel is safe and sound.

According to the hospital, Daniel Niktalov, has been treated and released.