Harlem shootings; Sex and the City

Behind The News
May 27, 2008 12:45:54 PM PDT
Such beautiful weather this past weekend, and then this afternoon, strong storms come roaring through as if it's the middle of August or something. Lee Goldberg is tracking the storms for us and will have the latest on them, tonight at 11. We're also following developments in Harlem, where police are looking for the gunman, or gunmen, who opened fire on a street filled with people last night. Eight people were shot -- six of them teenagers. Who did this, and why in the world did they do it? All those victims, and their families, asking those questions tonight.

We're also on the campaign trail, where today in Denver, Republican Sen. John McCain was interrupted four different times by six protestors during the first 10 minutes of his speech about nuclear non-proliferation.

Several of the protestors held up large bed sheets with anti-war slogans written on them. Was this a preview of what some demonstrators are planning for this summer's Democratic Convention in Denver? A group calling itself "Recreate '68" -- named after the police riot in Chicago during the Democratic nominating conclave in 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War -- has made no secret of trying to disrupt things this summer in the mile-high city. They are angry because they haven't been given protest permits.

Also at 11, Lauren Glassberg is at the "Sex and The City" movie premiere, and the after party, at MoMA. She'll have the story about this highly anticipated big-screen version of the little-screen cable series.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Scott Clark with the night's sports. I hope you can join Liz Cho and me, tonight at 11.

And finally, thanks to all those who wrote in and responded to the issue of whether John McCain's age (he'll be 72 by this fall, and, if he's elected, he'd be the oldest first-term President ever) is or should be a factor or legitimate issue for discussion in this election.

Here's a sampling:

"Dear Bill,

I really do not think that age is that big of a deal as long as the candidate is in fairly good health and can handle the demands of the job of President of the United States, both physically and mentally. Unexpected illness is not confined or limited to older people. Sudden and serious illness can happen to anyone, at any age. I really don't think age is the biggest most important issue here. I am much more concerned with how the candidate will handle the situation that our country is in now and issues such as the economy, healthcare, social security, and the war, not necessarily in that order. "

Barbara J. Scarnechia

Hewitt, NJ

This is from Debra Greif.

"Hello Bill. Why are you and the media telling Hillary to pullout? This country finally has a true political race. We are getting people who would never in the past get truly involved in politics.What A REFRESHING CHANGE. Until every primary is done and or one candidate is declared a winner stop telling Hillary to pull out. It it was Obama I would feel the same. We are finding out all the true issues/problems that are in our nation. I have a question for you that I would appreciate an answer. As a person with disabilities , a sibling of a person with disabilities, but most important (with) a son who has mental retardation, why haven't you and your fellow reporters question our presidential candidates on issues affecting the disability community? Are we so unimportant? Please ask the Presidential (candidates) and all others running for political offices questions that concern us too. If you can ask about issues relating to the gay community, then why not the (disabled) community?"

"Dear Bill,

Although I no longer live in New York, I guess New York is still a part of me.

Born, 1917, in Astoria.

Lived there until WW2, served in the army 1941-1945. Moved to Franklin Square; then to Northport until I retired from Con Edison in 1980. Now retired in Barefoot Bay, FL.

Slightly older than John McCain, I can still read and analyze the Constitution, send letters to the Editor; to Congress; to the President; even to the Supreme Court (never received an answer).

AS Coordinator of our local humanist fellowship, my mental capabilities are kept sharp in our discussions with younger people and those approaching my age.

Physically, I am very fortunate; living with a pacemaker for the past 20 years and only on two medications.

No more running or heavy exertion, but walking at a reasonable pace.

So you see, I think of John McCain as just a 71 year old kid with lots of time to grow old.

Unfortunately, as much as I respect John McCain, I disagree with many of his positions on the issues; so I will vote for a youngster about the age of my grandchildren. I'm counting on him to change course and live up to his oath or affirmation to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America". The present administration has failed to live up to this primary responsibility.

Sincerely yours,

George Oertel"