Teen sues cops over alleged sex tape

Girl says cops watched tape for enjoyment
May 28, 2008 3:10:45 PM PDT
A sex tape scandal has three police officers in Westchester County facing serious charges Wednesday.A 17-year-old girl accuses the officers of groping and fondling her, then watching a sex video the teen made of herself.

Eyewitness News reporter Joe Torres has more.

There have been no suspensions or modified duty for these officers. There isn't even an internal investigation. That's because the police chief says his officers are completely innocent.

"Not at all," police chief David Hall said. "None of that whatsoever."

That is the unmistakable and unequivocal denial from the head of the Harrison Police department. Responding to allegations made in a federal civil rights lawsuit, Hall said his three officers, captain Anthonu Marraccini, sergeant Edward Lucas and detective Richard Light, never groped, fondled or abused a teenage girl during a police raid at her boyfriend's home last year.

"I didn't hear from her parents or from her," he said. "I still haven't, in over a year. This is the first we're hearing of it, a federal lawsuit. It's ridiculous."

Following the raid, police arrested Joseph Porto, Jr. In Porto's home, cops confiscated drugs, weapons, jewelry and a videotape. The videotape showed Porto and his then 16-year-old girlfriend having sex.

According to the lawsuit, the officers made the teenage girl watch the tape. Furthermore, the officers allegedly brought the tape to Harrison police headquarters and played it for their colleagues.

The lawyer for the unnamed girl is Jonathon Lovett of White Plains. He is out of town and could not be reached for comment.

"Mr. Lovett files these federal suits all the time," Hall said. "It's terrible, because the taxpayers are stuck with the burden of paying the lawyers to defend these things."

Lovett said the teenage girl seeks unspoken damages. He also confirmed that he is representing Joseph Porto, Sr., who was in the home at the time of the raid and has also filed a lawsuit. He claims he was falsely imprisoned and falsely arrested.