Savings at the pharmacy

Seven On Your Side
May 28, 2008 3:17:59 PM PDT
We all want to save money any way we can, and the drug store is sometimes a hard place to do that. But our coupon expert showed us that with some pre-planning, you can cut your bill dramatically. She's slashes supermarket bills, "Sometimes you might save as much as 50 to 60 percent," says Stephanie Nelson.

Now the coupon mom, Stephanie Nelson has another target. Drug stores.

On Stephanie's first tip she get a rewards card. Duane Reade has a dollar rewards club offers discounts and cash back on purchases.

CVS has extra buck rewards.

"Extra buck rewards is an automatic rebate that you get immediately when you buy the item on the receipt," adds Nelson.

So check the monthly ads. Sometimes you can get items for free.

"I'll pay $2.99 for this toothpaste, I'll get $2.99 in the form of extra buck rewards," says Nelson.

That means $2.99 off our next CVS purchase.

Next, clip some coupons. The CVS store Seven on your Side went to makes it easy - with a coupon kiosk.

For deepest discounts use the coupons with items already on sale.

So combine coupon offers with store deals. this item retails for nearly ten bucks.

The next stop is the checkout.

On our trip we spent more than $66, but after coupons and extra bucks rewards? less than $8, a savings of nearly $57.

In order to save money, you have to approach shopping like a job. Look for coupons, get the store discount card and plan ahead.

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