New way to report crime in Westchester

Eyewitness News Exclusive
May 29, 2008 4:44:32 PM PDT
We've all heard the phrase, "See something, say something" to help solve crimes.Now Westchester county is launching a program encouraging people to send in photos and videos if they see a crime or something suspicious.

It seems everyone's doing more than just talking these days on their cell phones.

So now, Westchester county police want to take advantage of the technology. As one public service announcement demonstrates, pictures, even video captured on mobile devices can be emailed to The slogan: If you see something, send something.

"And it doesn't have to be a video, they can just send us an e-mail too," police captain Thomas Gleason said.

Anonymous telephone tip lines have long been used by police departments. This twist is an old idea aimed at young people.

At the moment, tips can only be e-mailed in, though the county is working on a number so that information can be sent via text message.

"Young people, especially, may be hesitant to pick up a phone," Gleason said. "Maybe they want to stay anonymous."

Police also stress that during an emergency, calling 911 remains the best option.