Teacher, student fight caught on tape

May 30, 2008 1:57:15 PM PDT
A violent brawl between a Georgia High School teacher and a student at school is causing quite a stir after video of the incident was released. The fight happened at Stephenson High School and the substitute teacher involved is speaking out, saying she did nothing wrong.

A cell phone camera captured graphic images of a Stephenson High School substitute teacher and a 10th grade student in an all out brawl.

The teacher says the fight happened last Friday, on the last day of school, but didn't want her face shown on camera.

Jones said she had several ongoing problems with four girls in her in school suspension class, when one of the students, according to the teacher, just snapped.

The school's police report told a different story. The report indicated that Jones kicked the student to start the fight.

School officials said the incident was under investigation and school police wrote disorderly conduct citations for the both the student and the teacher.