Construction accidents in last two years

May 30, 2008 2:31:56 PM PDT
Construction Accidents in New York City During the Last Two Years Include:June 27, 2006- Two construction workers rescued after being trapped in wet concrete for 90 minutes. (145 11th Street, Brooklyn)

September 29, 2006- Five people injured when a 4-ton, 13 foot steel beam from a crane plummeted 20 stories into traffic. (110 Third Avenue)

October 7, 2006- A four-story building that was partly under construction collapsed, killing one worker and injuring two more. (104-56 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens)

November 21, 2006- Scaffolding slipped from under the feet of a worker. Worker was wearing a life line and full safety equipment, and was unhurt. Officials cited the incident as an example of what happens when construction workers and site supervisors follow safety guidelines. (Broadway and Leonard Street)

December 26, 2006- Construction worker killed in collapse of unstable building. Three workers trapped inside of the building at the time of the collapse. (W. 113th Street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard)

January 3, 2007- Construction worker operating a front-end loader on a building roof fell to his death when the machinery plummeted three stories to the ground. (149th St. and River Avenue, Bronx)

May 4, 2007- Construction worker killed after an 8-foot deep trench collapsed on top of him. There were no permits for the construction and the trench had no shoring or bracing, which is required for holes deeper than 5 feet. (Leif Ericson Day School, Brooklyn)

August 13, 2007- Two people injured when a sidewalk collapsed at a Manhattan construction site. Those injured fell into a hole up to 10 feet deep. (Accident near 148 West 36th St)

October 17, 2007- Eight people injured after a construction crane bucket fell about 53 stories, crashing into the mid-Manhattan building's glass façade. (One Bryant Park, the site of a Bank of America Tower under construction)

December 14, 2007- Crane malfunctions, nearly killing an architect on the construction site for the new Goldman Sachs headquarters. (1200 Murray Street)

January 2008- Construction worker falls 40 stories off the Trump SoHo hotel-condominium complex after framework holding up freshly-poured concrete collapsed. (Trump Hotel and Condominiums, Varick and Spring Streets)

January 31, 2008- Construction worker dies when scaffolding falls off of Brooklyn building (525 Clifton Avenue, Brooklyn)

March 8, 2008- Bloomberg halts construction at the Trump SoHo development project after a dozen glass window panels came crashing down during a rain storm. (Trump Hotel and Condominiums, Varick and Spring Streets)

March 15, 2008- Crane collapses at midtown construction site, killing 7 and injuring 24. Crane inspector Edward J. Marquette found to have falsely reported that he inspected the crane eleven days before the accident. (303 East 51st Street)

April 14, 2008- Construction worker fell to his death when a safety strap system intended to secure him to the building failed (400 East 67th Street at First Avenue)

April 24, 2008- Construction worker critically injured after falling from scaffolding at the Lincoln Center construction site. (132 West 65th Street)

April 28, 2008- A worker was run over and critically injured by a front-end loader while working on a sewer pipe project for the city's Department of Design and Construction (Clove Road and Howard Avenue, Staten Island)

April 29, 2008- Construction worker critically injured when he fell from the second story of a building under construction. (East 29th Street between First Avenue and FDR Drive)

May 18, 2008- A chunk of steel falls 18 stories from the future Goldman Sachs Headquarters onto a ball field where dozens of children were playing. The city stopped construction on the tower immediately. It was the second accident at that site in five months. No one was hurt. (200 Murray Street)