Finding doctors with ZocDoc

June 2, 2008 4:36:17 AM PDT
It's not always easy finding a dentist or a doctor who can give you an appointment exactly when you need it. Now you can turn to the web for help. A new web site is making that search faster and easier and you can even book an appointment online.A few months ago, Benjamin Teper had a bad toothache and needed to find a dentist. And that made him nervous.

"I saw a dentist in Florida a few years ago, and he didn't do great work and since then I've had pain, and then it went well, and then pain again," said Benjamin.

But now, Benjamin is a regular patient of Wall Street dentist Lina Frost, who he found on

The Web site is free and allows users to locate a dentist or a primary care doctor on their insurance plan. They can specify the neighborhood, time and date they prefer, then book an appointment online.

"The work is already done, so it just takes a few seconds to find out who's available and who's not," said Cyrus Massoumi of ZocDoc."

The site was launched last September by Cyrus Massoumi and Oliver Kharraz.

It lists dentists and primary care doctors in Manhattan and Brooklyn and will soon expand to other areas.

Patient reviews are included and, just as important, ZocDoc does background checks on all medical practitioners who want to join.

"We'll go thorugh and verify their board certification, their education, the fact that their board licenced in the state," adds Massoumi.

Dr. Lina Frost says ZocDoc helps her, too, by giving her practice visibility. She also like the sites philosophy.

""ZocDoc is one of the few sites that reviews doctors without any promotional material, so it's very honest review," said Dr. Frost."

Primary care doctors do not pay for the service either, but dentists do. So too will specialists who will start to be added to ZocDoc beginning next month.

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