Fashion fundraiser to fight cancer

June 4, 2008 7:21:28 AM PDT
She dresses the who's who of Hollywood. Her one-of-a-kind couture creations are jaw dropping. For students from Uniondale High School, the chance to wear clothing by designer Pam Dennis is priceless. "I really like it because it's a lot, so it's really good," said one student who will get to wear the clothes for a good cause.

Dennis has pulled together dozens of her looks for the "Relay for Life" fundraiser on Tuesday night.

All proceeds from the fashion show in Mineola benefit the American Cancer Society.

The models are students such as Ryisha Porter, whose grandmother is fighting thyroid cancer.

"I do feel honored because I am representing my grandmother, in a way, surviving cancer, so think it's a good cause," said Porter.

"I love the fact that so many people even if they don't have cancer that there are so many people putting in an effort to make a difference to make a change and raise money. It's something that is so important," said Glenicia Nosworthy, who's aunt lost her battle with breast cancer a few years ago.

It's something near and dear to Pam as well. Her father died from lung cancer 12 years ago.

"To be able to make beautiful clothes to change someone's life or save someone's life is uncoupled with any feeling in the world," said Dennis.

She says she felt it was important to give these two young women a chance to experience high fashion. She could have hired professional models. It's a first for both girls, who worry about tripping or falling on the runway.

"The other day we were talking and I told them, you have to stomp. The models now a days are stomping and they're not smiling, but I think we should smile because this is a happy thing," said Dennis.