Man finally gets vacation won from WKTU

Seven On Your Side
June 9, 2008 5:10:19 PM PDT
One Jersey resident was a huge fan of radio station WKTU and he was thrilled when he won a contest and a trip to the Caribbean. But then weeks went by and he heard nothing more about the trip, so he called Tappy Phillips and Seven on his Side to get his trip launched. Tony Acevedo is a devoted listener.

"I'm a big fan of certain shows like the morning show and the afternoon show," said Acevedo.

Tony was thrilled when in late March, he won a contest.

"We were sitting right here at the counter and they called out my name and I was thrilled," he adds.

Tony and his wife had won a trip to Saint Lucia. But then weeks went by and Tony started to worry.

"Absolutely no, uh, correspondence, no one called to say or no one asked for my information, so, it's just me and my memory and the radio that I won this trip," said Acevedo.

Tony had gotten no confirmation that he had won the trip. He said he called the radio station and was told they were working on it. KTU said he would get the prize within eight weeks, but more than eight weeks had passed and still nothing.

We went with Tony to the KTU offices, where a spokesperson said there had been a delay in getting the resort voucher and that Tony was always going to get his prize, even if he didn't get written confirmation.

"If they would've asked for something in writing, we have never gotten anything from that said that, we probably would have sent something in writing," said Josefa Paganuzzi of Clear Channel.

Tony had said he did write them, but Clear Channel says they never received anything in writing, however in the end Tony got his tickets and voucher for the hotel in Saint Lucia.