School dismissed after students pass out

June 10, 2008 4:53:34 PM PDT
When four middle school girls and a teacher passed out, school officials immediately made an emergency notification to parents and within an hour one thousand kids were pouring out of the building. Nassau police responded to Roosevelt High School on Wagner Avenue just before 10:00.

Several ambulances also rushed to take the four students out on stretchers. Concerned about others falling victim to heat exhaustion, all students were released by 10:30 this morning from a building described by teachers and teenagers as stifling hot .

The girls felt faint from the heat and went to the nurse, but it was when a middle school teacher passed out that school leaders decided it was just too hot to be in school.

"This has never happened before. It's not usually this hot," said school spokesperson Vivien Isom.

"Everybody is exhausted. People are sweating. A kid had a seizure and a teacher passed out. It's torture," said Asia Peterson.

Students say Roosevelt High School has just a few air conditioned rooms, including the library and computer room, but the classrooms are stifling hot. They were grateful to school officials who sent them home early.

"I like hotness, but not this kind of hotness," said Matthew Hutchinson.

"I'm gonna go under my fan at home and just lay out," said Nyasha Fleming.

Elementary students were not affected because they are in newer building with air conditioning.

By next year, school officials say all buildings in the district will be air conditioned because of a massive renovation project underway.

School will be back in session here on Wednesday.