NJ kids use beads to benefit charity

June 12, 2008 12:58:33 PM PDT
Last Spring, Dr. Marcy Pryor created a class business making beaded ID lanyards in her middle school special education class in Franklin Lakes, NJ. The unique idea was created from the need to wear school picture IDs due to increased security.

Dr. Pryor felt that offering a more attractive option would be functional and a great learning experience for her students.

When the lanyards were first introduced to the staff and students, sales immediately took off and an original, integrated learning experience was created.

Word spread and soon people from all over the country contacted this self-contained class on their product. The class then added necklaces and eye glass chains to their product line. Each of Dr. Pryor's students learn how to run all aspects of the business and are able to create original designs.

Beads 'n Me is used to increase academic skills in areas such as: math, English and SS. Students create graphs and spreadsheets, use a cash register to ring up sales, learn measurement skills, write letters, and vote on which charities will receive profits. 100 percent of the money goes to charity.

Most importantly, the main "profits" from Beads 'n Me have been: enhanced self-esteem, a love of learning and inclusion with mainstream students.

For more information on Beads 'n Me contact: Dr. Marcy Pryor at (201) 891-0202 x 511 or email: beads@franklinlakes.k12.nj.us