THIS MORNING: An affordable art fair

June 13, 2008 6:33:32 AM PDT
Do you ever wish you could buy a great piece of art that won't break your budget? Then head over to the affordable art fair in Manhattan. You just might find that perfect painting or sculpture for your home at a reasonable price. Eyewitness News reporter Phil Lipof has the story.

It's an art-lover's paradise.

There are thousands of works on display at the Affordable Art Fair in Chelsea. The exhibit brings together 75 galleries from around the world, making it a more inviting experience for those clueless about collecting.

"It's also a non-intimidating and welcoming environment that encourages questions between the buyer, the visitor and the art dealer," says Lori Meli from the art fair.

Three quarters of the art is classified as "affordable," from $100 hundred to $5,000.

In addition to pricier paintings, gallery owner Stephen Hoffman is showcasing etchings for art lovers on a budget.

"There all in the price range between $300 and $600 and they're more affordable, especially with this economic situation," says Jeff Stricoff from the art fair.

Jeff Stricoff also has a temporary gallery there. He says everything at the fair is priced, and that's helpful for new collectors.

"People are much more at ease looking at a painting. It's easier for them looking at a gallery and feel like they're looking at a piece that's $50,000 and less than inhibitions," Stricoff says.

Bringing art to more to of the masses helps struggling and established artists, too.

The fair runs through Sunday. For more information, click here.